Clayton Oberquell Photography

Exploring our public lands

Clayton is a music educator and landscape photographer based in Livingston, Montana, a fly-fishing mountain town near Yellowstone National Park.  He loves to go backpacking on adventures to alpine lakes and peaks in the mountains of Montana, especially in the 80 square mile Absaroka/Beartooth Wilderness where he usually ventures off for a few days each summer with his backpack, fly-rod, and dreams of trout filled lakes.

Ever since the 100th birthday of the NPS in 2016, Clayton has been inspired to visit our national parks, monuments, and other public lands, and he began collecting stickers from each park visited to display on his Jeep, just for fun.  Believing very strongly in the Leave-No-Trace campaign, he looks for the most primitive and pristine spots to visit, leaving the wild spaces like he found them and taking only photographs to remember each scene.

Lately, he has become a desert rat, and he has fallen in love with the slot canyons and parks in southern Utah and the lands along the Colorado Plateau.  Last year, he drove 1800 miles to the Grand Canyon on his 4th spring break trip to the area.  His favorite remote Utah haunt is the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, where he has explored 6 slot canyons and counting.

He currently lives in Livingston in a house with 2 millennial roommates and an Alaskan Husky named Chinook.  One roommate is an ice-climber and head brewer at a local brewery (free beer!) and the other is a co-worker and school band director that enjoys back country skiing.

He is working on developing ebooks celebrating photography and inspirational words to be sold on Amazon Kindle.  To be published very soon!